Create your Emergency Kit

Ambulance New Brunswick plays an important role during emergency situations such as natural disasters, power outages or major transportation accidents.

While emergency workers focus on people in urgent need, be prepared to be self-sufficient for at least 72 hours. You likely have many of these items already in your home. Take a moment to put them together and create your emergency kit. Make sure your kit is easy to carry (a suitcase or backpack work well) and keep it in a location that is close at hand in case you need to evacuate your home quickly.

Basic items for your kit:

  • Water – two litres of water per person per day (small bottles are easy to carry in case of an evacuation)
  • Food – canned food, energy bars and dried foods (to be replaced once a year)
  • Manual can opener
  • Battery–powered or wind–up radio (and extra batteries)
  • First aid kit
  • A pad of paper and pens/pencils in ziplock bag
  • A few cans of pet food (if relevant). Dry food not recommended as it may get wet in the bag.
  • Matches and candles
  • List of emergency contacts with phone numbers
  • Special needs items (name and phone number of your local pharmacy, infant formula or equipment for people with disabilities)
  • Updated list of your medications
  • Extra keys – for your car and house
  • Cash and change for payphones
  • A blanket and change of clothes
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