About ANB

At Ambulance New Brunswick (ANB), our team consists of more than 1,000 health care professionals, including primary care paramedics, emergency medical dispatchers and critical care flight nurses.

In order to ensure every community receives the best-possible coverage at all times, ANB operates on a dynamic deployment system. When one of our 134 ambulances is dispatched to a call, nearby ambulances move in to cover that area ensuring that no area is left without an ambulance close at hand.

From the time a 911 call for medical assistance is received at our dispatch centre, to the care our paramedics provide on the scene, to the safe and timely transport to hospital and transfer of care, your health is in good hands with Ambulance New Brunswick.

We hear it from our patients, who gave us a 9.5/10 rating in our most recent Patient Satisfaction Survey (results the experts say are virtually unheard of in any industry.)

Roles and Responsibilities

  • To provide comprehensive, province-wide ambulance services to the citizens, residents and visitors of New Brunswick. These services include air and land ambulance services, all in accordance with applicable provincial legislative and policy direction
  • To provide the communication and dispatch systems necessary to meet the standards developed for ANB
  • To receive funds from the New Brunswick Department of Health (or such successor department having a like mandate and purpose) for use in furtherance of the objectives and purposes of the Company
  • To be accountable to the Minister of Health with respect to the use of funding provided by the Department of Health and to make such periodic reports thereon as the Board of Directors deems appropriate
  • To invest, reinvest and generally manage its funds in accordance with the investment policies, standards and procedures established by the Board of Directors
  • To do such things as, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, are or may be necessary to develop, foster, enhance, assist or otherwise contribute to the provision of ambulance service



Ambulance New Brunswick Inc. was incorporated on June 6, 2007 under the Companies Act. ANB is the organization that has been granted the license and authority by the New Brunswick Department of Health to provide ambulance services in New Brunswick as of December 16, 2007.

ANB is responsible for providing land and air ambulance services throughout New Brunswick. ANB has contracted with New Brunswick Emergency Medical Services (NB EMS), a subsidiary of Medavie Health Services (MHS).

ANB is committed to providing excellent and progressive pre-hospital patient care through a “made in New Brunswick” solution.

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